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  ABC Supply Co., Inc.
is the largest wholesale distributor of roofing in the United States ,480 branches and other facilities in 44 states.
  The Hammer Museum is the world’s first museum dedicated to hammers. JCHammer tools are available at the museum today !!!  
The Hammer Museum


ould you like to get your hands on tools that will give you comfort and durability, while providing you with lower costs and efficiency? Our complete tool line is designed and proven by people out on the field. We have a 100% approval from potential customer as to the value of our tool design and effectiveness.
Our angled shaft reduces hand vibration and decreases hand injuries by keeping the hand away from the work surface. The easy grip handle provides comfort and safety with its anti-slip design. The Easy Holder makes our hammers stand out in appearance and value, it's like having a third hand. Easy Grab, Easy Stow, Easy Holder!
We don't just sell work tools, we sell "tools that work" to get the job. Experience the difference, buy JC Hammer today.

We thank you for giving us an opportunity to introduce our company, JC Hammer Incorporated, and more importantly our tool line. Here at JC hammer we specialize in taking traditional tools and improving their design, versatility and/or use in order to achieve better user comfort and efficiency.

Our hammers have been proven to be so effective that 1 installer with a magnetic hammer can out perform 3 installers with traditional hammers, making our hammers a "must have" for roofing contractors and their installers.



Member of Thomas
Alva Edison Inventors


    Summary of JCHammer Products
Demonstration Video
    Magnetic Hammer With Easy Holder
Demonstration Video
    Cutting Edge Hammer With Easy Holder
Demonstration Video
    Magnetic Double Head Hammer With Easy Holder
Demonstration Video
    Double Edge Cutter
Demonstration Video
    Cutting Edge Roller
Demonstration Video
    Gladiator Ripper
Demonstration Video
    Easy Hook
Demonstration Video
    Smart Pry Bar
Demonstration Video
  Distribution Center  
  Our Distribution Center is centrally located in Miami, Florida a few miles from the Miami International Airport and ...
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