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J.C. Hammer, Inc. Limited Lifetime Warranty

J.C. Hammer, Inc., tools are provided with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our tools are warranted to be free of material and workmanship defects. Tools that are abused, misused or altered would not be subject to this warranty.

J.C. Hammer, Inc. produces magnetic hammers that are to be used only with plastic or metal cap nails. The use of other nails or fasteners could cause damage that would nullify warranty. Examples of misuse that may nullify warranty are, using the side of the hammer for striking, or damage to due to leaving tools in the elements.

J.C. Hammer, Inc. produces tools for the installation and repair of screen enclosures. These tools are meant to be used with the materials for such industry and in that application. Screen roller knives are designed for cutting spline and mesh and inserting spline. Strip-it tools are designed for removing spline by inserting the tool into the spline material and pulling. Warranty doesn’t apply for tools damaged as a result of misuse.

Coverage ends upon the tool becoming unusable for reasons other than defects in workmanship or material. Normal wear and tear is not considered a defect and therefore not covered by this Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Specific legal rights vary from state to state with limited lifetime warranties. There are states that don’t allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages.

For replacement of a tool deemed to meet the criteria of material or workmanship defect, please return the complete tool or accessory to:

J.C. Hammer, Inc.,
2840 North Second Avenue,
North Fort Myers, FL 33917

Contact us at

Telephone: 239-997-6467
Fax: 239-599-8639
Email: salestools@jchammer.com

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